Madison Public Education Program Development Fund

Program Development FundWhat Is the Madison Public Education Program Development Fund Advisory Council?

The Advisory Council for the MPE-PDF is composed of a representative from The Madison Foundation, the Madison Superintendent of Schools or his / her representative, a representative from the Madison Board of Education, a middle school administrator, a high school administrator,an elementary school administrator, a parent-at-large, and a subject/department representative(s) designated by the Council depending on the grant or grants under consideration. The Town of Madison / Madison Public Schools Manager of Fiscal Services and the Treasurer of the Madison Foundation will act as advisors for the Council. This group reviews the grant applications submitted to the Board of Education, approves or revises the request as needed, and forwards the final version to the Madison Foundation for approval and the release of funds.

What is the Madison Public Education Program Development Fund?

The Madison Public Education Program Development Fund (MPE-PDF) of the Madison Foundation, Inc. exists to encourage and provide the opportunity for individuals, groups andcorporate entities to offer support to the Madison Public Schools not possible through conventional public funding. Gifts to the MPE-PDF, as a fund within The Madison Foundation, a 501(c)(3) community foundation, not only benefit the children of Madison but are fully tax deductible. The MPE-PDF is intended to enrich the Town of Madison’s strong commitment to education by funding innovative programs that will enhance the education of our children. The Fund is intended to supplement, not supplant school funding which remains the responsibility of the Town of Madison.

How does the MPE-PDF work?

Your tax-deductible gift will be acknowledged to you and to anyone you honor or memorialize with your gift. The contribution will be added to the MPE-PDF. Grants for distribution of monies from the MPE-PDF will be submitted to and reviewed by the Madison Public Education Program Development Fund Advisory Council and The Madison Foundation Board of Directors. From time to time a special project may be pre-approved and a separate fund established to allow contributions to be raised and earmarked to benefitthat unique effort.

In what ways can you give?

There are many ways to give to the MPE Project Development Fund of The Madison Foundation. Gifts may be made by check payable to The Madison Foundation, Inc. with a note “MPE-PDF,” as a gift of appreciated stock or other asset, by naming the MPE-PDF in your will, or by naming it as the beneficiary of a retirement account or life insurance policy. To learn about special gifting and naming opportunities, contact The Madison Foundation.

Why give to the MPE-PDF?

A gift to the MPE-PDF can honor a teacher, a child, a parent, a grandparent, a retiree, a special day or an event. A gift to the MPE-PDF can be a memorial to a loved one.A gift to the MPE-PDF can be made as a class project or as a community group project. A gift to the MPE-PDF will support educational opportunities outside the scope of the school operating budget. Whether or not you have a child in the Madison Public Schools at present, the education system is important to you because it affects everything from the quality of life to property values in Madison. A front page article in the New Haven Register on February 13, 2005, stated that home buyers’ top criterion for selecting where to buy a home is school quality. A gift to the MPE Project Development Fund will help maintain the high caliber of education for which the Town of Madison is known.


  • Do other communities have education funds or foundations?Yes. More than 5,000 such foundations / funds existed in 2004.
  • Can funds be designated for specific schools and programs?Yes. Donors may earmark their contribution for specific initiatives.
  • Are donations tax-deductible? Yes. The Madison Foundation is a 501(c)(3) community foundation so contributions to the MPE Funds are tax deductible.
  • How does the MPE-PDF differ from a Parent-Teacher Organization? The MPE-PDF does not intend to replace Parent-Teacher Organization efforts. The MPE-PDF grants may benefit the entire school system and the Town while the PTO is limited to a specific school.
  • Does my donation qualify for corporate matching grants?Check with your employer to determine whether they will match a gift to your community foundation.
  • How else can I help? Enthusiastic volunteers can help with a variety of activities. Contact us via email at
  • How can I get more information? You may contact the town or Madison MPS Manager or Fiscal Services at 245-6310 or The Madison Foundation via email at