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Establishing an endowed fund at the Foundation is an easy and effective way to invest in the health and vibrancy of Madison. creating a fund puts your charitable dollars to work in the areas of greatest importance to you.

You can create a fund to address a specific need, in honor of someone you love, or to commemorate a special event. We offer you power and flexibility in charitable giving without the paperwork, time, and expense associated with running your own private foundation.

We can help you set up a fund that will maximize both your tax advantages and your impact on our community—now and forever.

Learn more about establishing an endowed fund.

Establishing a charitable fund with the Madison Foundation is a simple way to make a profound difference in our community. We proudly work with individuals, families, businesses, and nonprofit organizations to meet their unique charitable goals. Establishing a fund with the Foundation creates a partnership that provides the means to support your favorite charities and that keeps you informed about the changing needs of the community.

An initial investment of $5,000 or more is required to establish a fund. Alternatively, you can start with a seed donation of $500 with a commitment to grow the fund to $5000 within five years. The sooner the balance reaches $5000, the sooner your investment can begin benefiting the causes that matter most to you.

We provide flexible options to ensure your fund is tailored to what you want to accomplish without the paperwork, time, and expense associated with running your own private foundation. In a few simple steps, we can help you set up a fund that maximizes your tax advantages and has a lasting impact on our town.

We use professionals to invest and manage our assets. Our board of directors, made up of Madison residents who know and love the community, match donors to the giving opportunities that align with their philanthropic strategies.

1 Determine when you wish to give.

You can create your fund now or in the future through bequests, trusts, and annuities. There can be certain advantages based on your personal tax and financial planning needs. To meet your goals, you will want to seek the advice of professional advisors.

    2 Decide what to give.

    You may wish to contribute cash, stocks, assets, or property? Almost any kind of asset can be used to start your fund.

      3 Choose a name for your fund.

      You will want to select a name for your fund that has a personal significance. Many funds are named for the donor or the family. Others are set up to celebrate or memorialize a loved one.


        Choose the type of fund.

        You will want to choose the fund that best meets your charitable needs and interests.

        These include:

        • Unrestricted Funds allow the Board of Directors to fulfill the Foundation’s mission by directing funds to where the needs are greatest and improve the lives of all residents.
        • Field-of-Interests Funds support grants that focus on a particular area of concern such as education, cultural enrichment, the environment, or social and recreational needs. They allow the donor to specify a field of interest without restricting grants to any one organization.
        • Donor-Advised Funds enables donors to recommend grants to specific organizations based on their personal charitable interests.
        • Designated Funds provide ongoing support for your favorite nonprofit organizations over a specified period of time. The Foundation ensures that grants to these groups remain relevant and responsive to changing circumstances.


        Meet with us to
        discuss your plan,

        explore the different giving vehicles, and sign a Fund Agreement. You will want to review these documents with your attorney before transferring your gift.

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