The Madison Foundation: A Legacy that Touches Lives

Posted Tuesday March 27, 2012 by admin

Lindalea LudwickAttorney Lindalea P. Ludwick is a Midwestern transplant who has lived in Madison almost her entire adult life, has raised her children here, and now enjoys the time she spends with her grandchildren. But what would keep this North Dakota native in a small town like Madison, Connecticut?

She says it was Madison’s “sense of community.” It’s that same sense of community that persuaded Ludwick to initially call Madison home.

Ludwick officially retired from her full-time career practicing law in December 2010, but that did not mean she took a vacation from those things that mattered most to her. She continues to do some lawyering part-time and volunteers for several organizations like the Madison ABC Program and ACT II Thrift Shop. She also supports certain charities like Habitat for Humanity New Haven and CLOUT Cares. In addition to her volunteer work, she also decided to make an investment in her community through The Madison Foundation.

She first heard about The Foundation through mailings and friends. What impressed her most was the Foundation’s emphasis on local charities.

“The Foundation gives support close to home,” said Ludwick. “They are small, but have a big impact on the Madison community.”

Some still might ask why give to The Foundation when you could give directly to your charity of choice? Ludwick knew The Madison Foundation was the best way to focus at least part of her charitable giving.

“They are aware of more local needs than I am. I know about certain things, but because The Madison Foundation has a robust grant procedure, it can funnel the funds to the people and organizations that deserve it most.”

Statistics tell us that Madison is an affluent community, but Ludwick believes there is a different story behind just numbers.

“The reality is everybody isn’t doing fine. Those that are hurting are not always visible, but the need is there nonetheless. I’m just happy The Madison Foundation is here to help.”

Whether it’s investing in our community today or leaving a legacy for a lifetime, The Madison Foundation can help. Visit the Foundation’s website or call 203-245-2796.

-Anita Ford Saunders

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