The DHHS Artist Education Fund Needs Your Support

Posted Thursday May 08, 2014 by admin

DHHS ArtsWhat are the most important qualities for employees of the future?

When CEOs of major corporations were surveyed, 8 percent said global thinking, 30 percent said integrity, and 62 percent said creative thinking.

The creative thinking developed in arts—holistic problem-solving, empathy, pattern reading, and visualization of complex ideas—coupled with those formed in core educational curricula, is what will truly prepare our students to meet the emerging challenges of the future.

Madison’s Artist Education Fund (AEF) has an exciting opportunity to grow the Daniel Hand High School Arts program into a truly exceptional one that will give our students an edge in developing the creative thinking the workforce demands.

To make this opportunity a reality, however, we need your help!

For the next five weeks (through May 31), the Guilford Savings Bank will match dollar for dollar, up to $10,000, any donations made to the Madison Foundation/Artist Education Fund. This opportunity, coupled with the $5,000 matching grant from a local donor, would effectively raise two dollars for every dollar donated!

Please consider making a donation of $25, $50, $100 or more.

We invite you to support our efforts now by sending a tax-deductible check to:

The Madison Foundation / Artist Education Fund
P.O. Box 446, Madison, CT 06443

Or, if you prefer, make an online donation at the link below. Make sure you select Artist Education Fund from the Designation menu!

Make a Donation

What is the Artist Education Fund?

The AEF was conceived by a Daniel Hand graduate to ensure that resources, supplemental supplies and artists’ experiences are offered to all high school students above and beyond what is supported through the school budget. Artists’ experiences, available to educators and their students will include guest artists and workshops offered at the high school and elsewhere. Participants will be introduced to new ideas and techniques. Resources will include art books and anatomical models; supplemental supplies will enable advanced art students to explore new media and techniques. The Madison Foundation established The Artist Education Fund with an initial $5,000 contribution, and a local donor has offered an additional $5,000 matching grant. The vision for the fund is to ensure resources exist to enhance artistic teachings for all students for years to come!

How are the funds being used?

This spring, funds from the Artist Educational Fund enabled several students from the advanced level courses to augment their classroom instruction with life drawing and painting classes at Lyme Academy; tuition and artist materials were covered. Currently, we are anxiously awaiting a set of art history textbooks and periodicals that will be available to all students enrolled in the art program. Next trimester, we will have our first guest artist visit and we’ll be purchasing new printmaking supplies and plaster anatomical models. In an effort to reach a broader audience, the art department hopes to host an artist to present to the entire school population. Next fall we are planning to host an event that will be open to the community.

You can also access us through Click on Academics – Related Arts – ART.

We recently had 36 students juried into the Shoreline Arts Alliance’s Future Choices show at Lyme Academy. This month, please visit the Madison Public School’s Art Show at the Scranton Public Library and the Daniel Hand High School’s Annual Student Art Show!

Thank you for considering this exciting initiative for Madison’s youth! If you have any questions, please contact Suzanne Gaskell at DHHS ( or Bill Sommer (

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