Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N)

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Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N)

N2NN2N is an all-volunteer, highly successful, community-wide effort receiving volunteer and financial support from Madison residents and organizations. It is Madison neighbors helping Madison neighbors in need through challenging times.

N2N has helped many families with oil, gas or electrical assistance. Due to a lack of State and town funds, these families would have been unable to receive assistance anywhere, even though Madison Youth and Family Services determined that they were qualified for state assistance.

N2N’s Discretionary Fund provides one time, financial assistance to families in crisis. This fund assists with emergency housing, as well as many other unanticipated financial burdens incurred through a death, illness or other hardships.

N2N provides funds for basic personal care items which are distributed weekly at the Madison Food Pantry.

N2N’s Homebound Delivery Program delivers all Pantry items, every week, to people who are needy, but are physically unable to get to the Pantry.

N2N provides food and gas cards that are distributed every month by Madison Youth and Family Services.

N2N provides camp scholarships so that a growing number of families can send their 12 to 15 year olds to camp.

Contact The Madison Foundation through our website to offer your support, or direct your check to:

The Madison Foundation
Attn: Neighbor-to-Neighbor Fund
P.O. Box 446
Madison, CT 06443.

Congratulations to N2N’s Laurie Heflin, who was named a winner of Shore Publishing’s Beacon Award!

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