The Madison Foundation, Inc. will consider grant requests for projects which in the judgment of its Board of Directors will improve the quality of life in the Town of Madison. The Board has developed these Guidelines to assist applicants for grants.

The Madison Foundation Grant Application

TMF Grant Application

1. If seed money is sought for a new organization or agency, the proposed organization or agency must show:

  • prospect for success,
  • evidence of sound management practices including record keeping that insures accountability for funds advanced, and
  • clear, attainable goals relevant to community needs.

2. An established organization or agency may receive support for expanding existing services or developing new programs that otherwise meet these guidelines.

3. The Foundation will consider proposals involving a challenge grant in order to stimulate support of a project by other funding resources. The grant would be conditioned upon the receipt of other pledges made to the grantee.

4. Except in special situations, grants will be for one-time projects only although distribution of project funds may be spread over an appropriate period of time.

5. The following types of organizations or activities are excluded from support by the Madison Foundation:

  • for-profit organizations,
  • grants to individuals with the exception of scholarship funds,
  • programs of a religious or partisan nature,
  • organizations that discriminate by race, color, creed, gender or national origin,
  • requests for funds for regular operating expenses, fundraising events, or annual giving,
  • intermediary fund agencies, and
  • research projects, unless associated with a specific action project.

6. A Grant Application:

  • should be clear, brief and submitted in duplicate
  • should include a completed standard Madison Foundation Grant Application format
  • is encouraged to include statements from individuals substantiating need and importance of project
  • should include the names and addresses of the organization’s Trustees or Board of Directors
  • should include latest audited financial report or tax return, if applicable

7. Grant application submissions:

  • are accepted year-round and reviewed by the Distribution Committee Co-Chairpersons [DCC].
  • If more information is needed or the application is deemed non-compliant, the DCC will contact you.
  • Proposals completed and finalized prior to the 15th of a month are presented at the next scheduled meeting of the Foundation Board of Directors.

8. The Foundation Board of Directors will consider and act on an application advising the grantees in a timely manner.

9. The Foundation requires from the grantees a follow-up report every six months until the completion of the project; it should provide financial disclosure of grant expenditure[s] and status of project.

10. Questions may be addressed to the Foundation at P.O. Box 446 or to the DCC:
David Allen 203-640-8399 the

The Board of Directors of the Foundation reserves the right to waive or amend any or all of the provisions set forth above to best serve the purposes of the Foundation.