Foundation Funds

Unrestricted Funds

Mary Jo and Bob McDonald Memorial Fund
The Fred Ewing Memorial Fund

Endowed Funds

APK Charities Fund

To support initiatives, projects, with a particular focus on veterans and active-duty military and/or their families.

The Davis Family Fund

The Artist Education Fund To provide the Art Department with resources for arts education, enhance the student/teacher relationship, and establish DHHS as one of the top high school arts programs in the country.


Fund To support initiatives, projects, and nonprofit organizations with a particular focus on the widespread effects of drug addiction.

East River Reading Room Endowment Fund

To provide a $500 per year scholarship to a graduating DHHS senior who is pursuing a college education majoring in environmental studies or library sciences.

The Gamber Family Fund


The Guilford Savings Bank Charitable Fund

Scholarships for Madison Public School students; operational support for the Foundation; support for low[1]to-moderate income individuals and families, the Madison community, and regional needs specified by the Foundation.

The John Brady and Roberta Isleib Fund

Funds to benefit the Madison community in a way that preserves the unique characteristics of the town and to help its citizens in any way possible.

The Kathryn Hart Fund

Provide grants for autism and special education-related training for Madison Public School administrators, teachers, and staff.

Kenneth Hanau Memorial Fund

Provides funding for projects with emphasis on Madison’s youth.

The Kiely Family Fund

To contribute to organizations or programs that assist patients and families impacted by chronic diseases.


Native tree planting project within the town of Madison including residential, local organizations, businesses, and town-owned locations.

Madison Beach Club Endowment Fund


The Maureen E. and Peter F. Dalton Fund

Funds for food, shelter, and educational needs of Madison residents and for the historic preservation of the town.

Neighbor to Neighbor (N2N) Endowment Fund

Civic, social, educational, and cultural nonprofit organization that helps maintain and enhance the quality of life for Madison residents facing financial hardship and other personal crises.

The PACT Fund

Dedicated to promoting initiatives and programs that will reduce the incidence of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and victim shaming in Madison Public Schools.

The Rankin Fund


Scholarships and scholastic awards for students enrolled in the Madison Public Schools, including such scholarships and awards as defined in writing by the donors.

Barbara Jurash & Ethel J B Fund
Carol Dziema Fund
Carolyn Wenker Fund
Democratic Women Fund
DHHS Class Gifts
DHHS Class of 2014 Scholarship
Dr. H. Kaye Griffin Fund
Elissa Sullivan Fund
Eliza Beccia Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Erwin C. Bauer Fund
Evan Massini Scholarship Fund
Harts English Prize Fund
Jordan Kinscherf Scholarship
Laura Ann Martone Fund
Love of Dramatic Book Fund
Mary E. Coughlin Fund
Richard Fasano Scholarship Fund
Taylor Family Scholarship Fund
The Bossi Scholarship Fund
Van Gelder Art Award Fund
W.W. Pardee Fund
William and Virginia Allen Fund
Frances N. Sadek Scholarship
Gilbert W. and Gilbert S. Raposo
Jan Carroll Memorial Scholarship Grant
General Purpose MPE-PDF
The Katie Battison Memorial Scholarship Fund

Other Funds

The Founders Fund
General Fund
The Madison Fund
Neighbor to Neighbor Fund

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