What's a Community Foundation?

A philanthropic institution
dedicated to serving
the needs of the community …

In technical terms, a community foundation is a “tax-exempt, non-profit, autonomous, publicly supported, philanthropic institution with a long-term goal of building permanent, component funds established by many separate donors for the broad-based charitable benefit of the residents of a defined geographic area.”

Quite a mouthful — we know.

At The Madison Foundation, our focus is, simply, Madison and its citizens.

We accept and administer a diverse assortment of financial gifts to meet the varied philanthropic objectives of donors. We serve as the steward of those funds, investing and prudently managing funds, and maintaining financial records.

We inform donors of endowed funds about community issues and grant-making opportunities in keeping with expressed interests, and actively involve them in identifying and responding to community issues and needs.

We are recognized by the IRS as tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3), organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes.

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