Mission & Vision


To connect donors to the causes they care about most to make Madison a better place to live today and in the future. To provide grants to organizations that serve our community’s social, cultural, environmental, educational, and recreational needs.


To encourage broad-based philanthropy for the betterment of Madison residents. To establish and grow endowment funds to support the needs of the community. To be an effective steward for donors who seek to provide a long-term legacy to Madison.

History of the Foundation

The Madison Foundation has been working to enhance the lives of Madison residents. By raising awareness and promoting a culture of giving, the Foundation connects nonprofit organizations with donors who want to have a local impact. Together we make Madison a better place for all citizens.


Founded twenty-five years ago, a small group of concerned citizens had a vision for Madison. Five families each made an initial investment of $10,000 to establish The Madison Foundation. Peter and Maureen Dalton, Jack and Helen Davis, Jack and Laurie Heflin, Bob and Mary Jo McDonald, and Bob and Marilyn Schumann combined their resources with the aim of creating a lasting legacy in Madison. Their love of the community and commitment to improving the lives of all residents were the guiding principles that have directed the Foundation for a quarter century.


Through our grantmaking, we support diverse nonprofit organizations in their important work with arts and culture, children and families, civic and environmental benefit, education and scholarships, health and human services, and more. We remain committed to giving back to the Madison community.

Palmer and founders

Building Partnerships and
Making a Social Impact

The Madison Foundation was created by and for the people of Madison. We partner with generous individuals, families, organizations, and corporations that share our commitment to the town. We support the area nonprofits that provide the services that make Madison and the Shoreline a better place to live, work, and play.

The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated that community foundations play an important role in responding quickly to the changing needs of the people. The responsibility for solving local problems lies with the town governments, its citizens, and local organizations working together for the betterment of all residents. This idea of individuals and organizations working for the greater good is the driving factor of community foundations across the country. Community foundations are a catalyst for positive change, solve problems, and advance the quality of life of the residents they serve. Much like our counterparts in communities large and small, urban or rural, the Foundation is dedicated to creating strong partnerships with area nonprofits to bring about positive social impact.

Give Back

Help Madison thrive today and tomorrow.


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